Web Directions Unplugged

May 1213 2011, Seattle
Building awesome native & web apps
with open web technologies


The best investment you’ll make this year

Unplugged features some of the world’s leading web experts. It focusses on technologies and practices vital to today’s web and mobile application designers and developers. It’s fully catered, with social events galore. It’s conveniently located right in the heart of Seattle. Surely it’s got to cost an arm and a leg? Think again!

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Ticket Dates & Availability Price
Event: Conference (May 12 & 13)
Late Bird After May 1st $899
Event: Workshop (May 11)
Conference attendees Places Limited $349
Standalone Places Limited $449

Fine Print

All the prices listed on this page are in US Dollars. Conference and workshop tickets may be transferred at no cost, and cancelled with a 10% handling cost.


Conference registration includes


A workshop registration includes attendance at a full day workshop (May 11) as well as catered morning and afternoon tea breaks and lunch.