Web Directions Unplugged

May 1213 2011, Seattle
Building awesome native & web apps
with open web technologies


Conference schedule: May 12 & 13

Web Directions Unplugged is a two day conference, an optional workshop, and a whole host of friendly social events and networking opportunities. Looking to get up to speed with the latest on using web technologies to build apps for any device? Need to learn the principles of great app design? See you there!

Thursday, May 12 2011

Time Design Track Development Track Platforms & Solutions Track
8:00–9:00 Registration

9:00–9:10 Opening comments

9:10–10:15 Day 1 Opening Keynote: The Interconnectedness of All Things
with Chris Wilson
10:15–10:45 Coffee break

10:45–11:40 Top Ten Things To Tackle Touchscreens
with Dan Saffer
Testing and debugging mobile apps
with Ross Boucher
App development solutions in depth
11:40–11:45 Changeover

11:45–12:40 Creative CSS3
with Divya Manian
Web speed bumps
with Nicholas Zakas
App development solutions in depth(Continued)
12:40–1:40 Lunch

1:40–>2:35 Content Strategy for Apps
with Relly Annett-Baker
HTML5 for game building
with Robby Ingebretsen
Distribution and monetization Appstores and beyond
2:35–2:40 Changeover

2:40–3:35 Mobile prototyping essentials
with Rachel Hinman
Universal access
with Wendy Chisholm
The desktop and the browser
3:35–4:05 Coffee break

4:05–5:05 Native v hybrid v web hosted by Brian Fling
5:05–5:15 Day 1 Wrap-up

5:30–7:00 Expo reception

Friday, May 13, 2011

Time Design Track Development Track Platforms & Solutions Track
9:00–10:30 The Unplugged Roundtable
10:30–11:25 CSS3 animations & transitions
with Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis
Widgets in Theory and Practice
with Daniel Davis
Platforms in depthWAC, RIM, IE on Windows Phone 7
11:25–11:30 Changeover

11:30–12:25 Mobile UX research
with Juliette Melton
Offline Web Apps with HTML5
with Dave Orchard
Platforms in depthWAC, RIM, IE on Windows Phone 7 (Continued)
12:25–1:25 Lunch

1:25–2:20 Realistic UI Design
with Aaron Weyenberg
Geolocation with Aaron Parecki From Web to Mobile to App in 60 Seconds with Greg Rewis.
2:20–2:25 Changeover

2:25–3:20 Designing for the 10 foot UI
with Daniels Lee™
HTML5 Graphics – Canvas Deep Dive
with Dave Balmer
The Dos and Don’ts of Mobile Web Development with Matthew Staikos
3:20–3.50 Coffee break

3.50–4.50 Day 2 Closing Keynote: Native is easy. Mobile web is freaking hard!
with Jason Grigsby
4.50–5:05 Closing comments