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May 1213 2011, Seattle
Building awesome native & web apps
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Interesting and talented people from the four corners of the web

Kyle Barrow

Presenting: Distribution and monetization Appstores and beyond

Photo of Kyle Barrow

Kyle Barrow is a web developer from New Zealand living in Tokyo, Japan, and CTO of Mobilista, a new service enabling in app payments in web applications.

Kyle first seriously dabbled in mobile web development back in 2000, got addicted to all things mobile and have been involved in the mobile web in some form or other ever since.

He can usually be found somewhere in Shibuya and on Twitter.

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Greg Rewis


Photo of Greg Rewis

Greg Rewis is the Principal Evangelist for Adobe Systems, focusing on Adobe’s open web products and technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. With over 20 years of computer industry experience, Greg spends in excess of 200 days of the year on the road, talking with customers, giving product demonstrations at seminars, and speaking at industry conferences.

Greg has been passionate about the web since putting his first “home page” online in 1994. His career has taken him around the world, from the early days of desktop publishing, to a start-up in Hamburg, Germany, the glory days of the web at Macromedia and finally his current role at Adobe.

The original GoLive Cyberstudio Product Manager and former Dreamweaver Technical Product Manager, Greg is the co-author of “Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS3″ and “Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS4″ published by New Riders, as well as a regular contributor to industry publications.

Tony Guntharp


Photo of Tony Guntharp

Tony Guntharp is the Director of Developer Relations at Appcelerator. A long-time entrepreneur and technologist, Tony was one of the co-founders of SourceForge.net, the leading resource for open source software development and distribution. He has also helped build developer communities for Fonality, Real Networks, Phillips Consumer Electronics and Sharp Electronics.

Tony authored “Practical Linux” published by QUE June 2000, and is frequently tapped as a guest speaker and panelist at industry events such as LinuxWorld (San Jose), LinuxWorld (San Francisco), LinuxWorld (NYC), The Bazaar (NYC), LinuxTag (Stuggart, Germany), UK Linux Developers Conference (London, England), Campus Party (Valencia, Spain) and many others.

Tony served with distinction in the U.S. Army.

Follow Tony on Twitter: @fusion94

Matthew Staikos

Presenting: Platforms in Depth

Photo of Matthew Staikos

Matthew Staikos has over 10 years of development experience in the software industry. He is currently the Manager of the Browser and Web Platform group at Research In Motion, the creator’s of the BlackBerry. He is responsible for the development of the WebKit-based Browser and embedded Web technologies for all BlackBerry devices. He has been involved in the Web Browser industry for over 5 years, focusing on WebKit development for mobile devices and embedded systems. Before joining RIM, Matthew was actively involved in a number of startup companies. He was Vice President of Torch Mobile Inc., the creators of the popular Iris Browser, which was acquired by RIM. He was also Vice President of SCS Inc., a software development and consulting company renowned for its expertise in QT-based software.

Relly Annett-Baker

Presenting: You had me at "signup"- Content Strategy for Apps

Photo of Relly Annett-Baker

Relly Annett-Baker lives in a leafy market town with her husband and two small sons. As a result, she eats far too many cakes from Waitrose and can be guaranteed to stand on Lego at least once a day. As well as being content strategist and content writer for Headscape, she is employed as live-in domestic staff by two cats. She also writes articles and jabbers on about copy to anyone who will listen, creates scrapbooks, and continues to procrastinate over the draft for her book, a guide to creating web content for designers and developers, to be published in Spring 2011 by Five Simple Steps. She better finish this biography before her editor spots she isn’t writing her book again.

Follow Relly on Twitter: @RellyAB

Dave Johnson

Presenting: App development solutions in depth

Photo of Dave Johnson

Dave has over a decade of experience in the software industry and holds a bachelor of applied science in Electrical Engineering (UBC) and a doctorate in solid state physics from Imperial College London. Most importantly, Dave has been writing JavaScript since it was created in 1995 and writing mobile phone software since before the iPhone. Dave goes by @davejohnson on Twitter and by Doc Johnson around the office.

Nicholas Zakas

Presenting: Mobile Web Speed Bumps

Photo of Nicholas Zakas

Nicholas C. Zakas is principal front-end engineer for the Yahoo! homepage, a contributor to YUI, and an author. Nicholas has written Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, Professional Ajax, and High Performance JavaScript. He has also contributed a chapter to Steve Souders’ Even Faster Web Sites. Nicholas posts regularly at his blog as well as on YUI Blog.

Follow Nicholas on Twitter: @slicknet

Robby Ingebretsen

Presenting: Get your game on - HTML5 for game building

Photo of Robby Ingebretsen

Robby Ingebretsen is a user experience designer and developer with a singular purpose: making great ideas real. As the founder of Pixel Lab, a user experience consultancy that specializes in Silverlight, HTML5 and mobile technologies, he helps clients make cool stuff–the kind that needs the unique full-bodied blend of a little design love and a little engineering kung-fu.

Follow Robby on Twitter: @ingebretsen

Caroline Lewko

Presenting: Distribution and monetization Appstores and beyond

Photo of Caroline Lewko

A consummate ‘connector’ with a passion for wireless!

Caroline has been in the wireless/ telecom industry since 1995, as a coder, funder, business developer and entrepreneur. She is sought out by investors and C level executives for insights, contacts and advice; and has advised and funded hundreds of companies.

She started WIP in early 2006 while talking to colleagues in the industry about this “little utility project” to make her knowledge and contacts in mobile development available on-line. She thought that providing open information, resouces, and a voice for mobile developers would make the path easier to get to market, reduce cycle times and increase innovation in the mobile ecosystem.

Caroline founded the Wireless Innovation Network of BC (WINBC) in 2001, and Wavefront, a wireless development center, and is Past Chair of both organizations. Caroline has also worked for a Hong Kong consultancy marketing an industrial park in China and was in the Telecommunications Industry Group of Anderson Consulting (Accenture). She received her MBA from Dalhousie University and BA from the University of Manitoba.

Caroline was named by Fierce Wireless as one of the Top Ten Women in Wireless for 2009.

Rachel Hinman

Presenting: Mobile Prototyping Essentials

Photo of Rachel Hinman

Rachel Hinman is a researcher, designer and a recognized thought leader in the mobile user experience field.

Currently, Rachel is a Senior Research Scientist at the Nokia Research Center in Palo Alto, California. There she focuses on the research and design of emergent and experimental mobile interfaces and mobile experiences for emerging markets. Prior to joining Nokia, Rachel was an experience design director at Adaptive Path, and a mobile researcher and strategist for Yahoo’s mobile group.

Rachel writes and speaks frequently on the topic of mobile research and design. She is the creative force behind the 90 Mobiles in 90 Days Project and her perspectives on mobile user experience has been featured in Interactions Magazine, BusinessWeek and Wired. She is currently writing a book entitled, “The Mobile Frontier: A Guide for Designing Mobile Experiences” with Rosenfeld Media. Expected publication is late 2011.

Follow Rachel on Twitter: @Hinman

Aaron Parecki

Presenting: Geolocation in web and native mobile apps

Photo of Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki is a Portland-based iPhone and PHP developer interested in solving practical problems with technology. In his free time, he enjoys geolocation, linguistics, and building home automation systems and IRC bots with a sense of humor. For the past 2½ years, he has been tracking and visualizing his location every 6 seconds. He created Geoloqi.com with Amber Case in an effort to help people connect in the real world. He has 11 years experience in web app development, database design, and server administration.

Follow Aaron on Twitter: @aaronpk

Dave Orchard

Presenting: The best of both worlds - Offline Web Apps with HTML5

Photo of Dave Orchard

Dave Orchard is Mobile Architect at Salesforce.com and located in Vancouver, Canada. This means being involved in many mobile platforms, architectures, tools, technologies and APIs. Prior to that, he was a co-founder of Ayogo Games and focused on iPhone and ruby/merb/mysql based casual social games. Back further in the mists of time, he was the Web standards lead for BEA Systems for 7 years, including being elected three times to 2 year terms on the W3C Technical Architecture Group chaired by Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Follow Dave on Twitter: @DaveO

Robbert van Os

Presenting: Distribution and monetization Appstores and beyond

Photo of Robbert van Os

Robbert van Os is a fifteen year Information Technology (IT) veteran with clear roots in business and technology strategies, from entrepreneurial start-up projects to large scale corporate technology initiatives. Robbert’s strong strategic and tactical planning, organizational development, and technology management experience has developed a cross-functional communicator with a team collaborator mindset, confidently working with a variety of corporate stakeholders. With expertise in experience system design, high-availability system design, global production, development, and deployment, he has successfully worked on many versatile and innovative strategic projects.

He is a recognized as a leader who motivates others to define and drive processes, create valuable systems, and utilize technology while always keeping an eye on improving scalability and streamlining operations.

Brian Fling

Presenting: Native v hybrid v web

Photo of Brian Fling

Brian Fling is an authority in the field of in mobile user experience and designing for multiple contexts. He has worked with hundreds of businesses from early stage start-ups to Fortune 50 companies to leverage a variety of mediums, like mobile devices, to design for the needs and context of real people.

Author of O’Reilly Media’s Mobile Design and Development: Practical concepts and techniques for creating mobile sites and web apps, Brian goes in depth into the design principles involved in creating compelling mobile experiences for this new era of multiple devices and context. As well as explore the rapidly growing area of how to easily design and build a mobile site and web app, how to deal with devices practically and how to translate an experience to a variety of mobile devices.

Brian is a frequent author and speaker on the issues on mobile design, the mobile web and mobile user experience, teaching people how to leverage mobile all over the world. Brian is also the founder and president of pinch/zoom, a design and development agency specializing on mobile experiences helping clients like Best Buy, Lonely Planet and others dive into the world of mobile.

Follow Brian on Twitter: @fling

Ziad Ismail

Presenting: The desktop and the browser

Photo of Ziad Ismail

Ziad Ismail is currently the Director of Product Management for Internet Explorer. Prior to joining the IE team, Ziad was the Director for Windows Phone Planning at Microsoft where he worked on the reinvention of Windows Phone. Prior to Microsoft, Ziad was the founder and CEO of several start-ups including CitiKey, a pioneering mobile location based company, and Inspire Infrastructure, a search infrastructure company. He served in the Swedish military spending two cold winters above the Arctic circle. He has won several awards including the City of Stockholm Innovation Award, Dell MBA Case Competition, and the Cap Gemini Innovation Award. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis

Presenting: Move it! CSS3 Transitions and Animations

Photo of Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis

Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis is the founder of W3Conversion, a web design company with a passion for web standards. A front-end developer, Stephanie created the CSS Starter Layouts in Dreamweaver CS3 and recently updated for DW CS5. Her passion for sharing knowledge has led her to write books and tutorials, pen a bi-monthly column for Web Designer Magazine, train corporate web departments, and speak at numerous conferences. Stephanie is the WaSP liaison to Adobe Systems, working with product managers to ensure the output of its web products continues to move toward today’s web standards. An admitted workaholic who rarely leaves the office, she frequently escapes to talk to the people inside her computer via Twitter. Her hobby, if only she had time? Studying brain function. Her guilty pleasure? Eighties music.

Follow Stephanie on Twitter: @stefsull

Dave Balmer

Presenting: HTML5 Graphics - Canvas Deep Dive

Photo of Dave Balmer

As a Senior Software Engineer with Palm Developer Relations, Dave is a JavaScript guru currently focused on mobile app development. He is the creator of four JavaScript application frameworks, including Jo HTML5 Mobile App Framework, which is a lightweight solution for cross-platform mobile apps.

In his spare time, Dave designs and writes games, makes music, and writes.

Follow Dave on Twitter: @balmer

Chris Wilson

Presenting: The Convergence of All Things

Photo of Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson is a Developer Advocate at Google Inc. He began working on web browsers in 1993 when he co-authored the original Windows version of NCSA Mosaic, the first mass-market WWW browser. After leaving NCSA in 1994 and spending a year working on the AIRMosaic web browser for SPRY, Inc., he joined Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team as a developer in 1995.

Over the course of 15 years, Chris represented Microsoft in many standards working groups, in particular helping develop standards for Cascading Style Sheets, HTML, the Document Object Model and XSL through the W3C working groups. He also developed the first implementation of Cascading Style Sheets in Internet Explorer – the first, in fact, in any mass-market web browser. Beginning in 2001, he spent a few years working on the WPF project, but rejoined the IE team in 2004 to lead the IE Platform and Security team, then moved to work on the Javascript engine team in 2009.

In 2010, Chris left Microsoft and joined Google’s Developer Relations team, and is currently working on the Google TV project.

In his free time, he enjoys photography and hiking with his wife and daughter, and scuba diving in the cool waters of Puget Sound. Occasionally he remembers to share his thoughts on his blog.

Follow Chris on Twitter: @cwilso

David Kaneda


Photo of David Kaneda

David Kaneda has nine years of experience designing in a variety of fields, from architecture and fashion to education and software. Recently, David created jQTouch, a Javascript framework for iPhone development. David also maintains WebKitBits, a site about the browser engine in Safari, Google Chrome, and the iPhone. David currently works as creative director at Sencha, and is responsible for the look and feel of their websites and software, including Sencha Touch.

Follow David on Twitter: @davidkaneda

Tim Haysom

Presenting: Platforms in Depth

Photo of Tim Haysom

Tim Haysom is head of developer marketing at WAC. He leads activities to assist new developers in getting their WAC applications to the worldwide market of WAC connected applications stores. He was previously the CMO of the OMTP industry consortium.

Tim has over 20 years of experience in the mobile telecoms industry, working with Operators, Vendors and many in the developer community. He was responsible within OMTP for the first industry activities to use web standards to enable a cross platform approach to application development, known as BONDI. In July 2010, the BONDI activity was transferred into the new WAC organisation and has formed a key component in the latest WAC specifications.

In his spare time, Tim plays the trombone and runs … And runs and runs.

Tim holds a B.Eng. degree in Electronics from the University of Southampton.

Dan Saffer

Presenting: Top Ten Things To Tackle Touchscreens

Photo of Dan Saffer

Dan Saffer is an interaction designer and the author of two books: Designing Gestural Interfaces and Designing for Interaction. He is the co-founder and one of the principals at Kicker Studio, a design consultancy in San Francisco that does “interaction-infused” product design.

Since 1995, Dan has designed devices, software, websites, and services that are currently used by millions every day. He speaks at conferences and teaches workshops on interaction design all over the world. He and his products have been in BusinessWeek, Fast Company, and Wired, and his design innovations have received several patents.

Follow Dan on Twitter: @odannyboy

Ross Boucher

Presenting: Quality Control - Testing and debugging your apps

Photo of Ross Boucher

Ross Boucher is co-founder of 280 North, the organization behind 280 slides and the popular Cappuccino and Atlas frameworks. At 280 North, he splits his time between server and client-side code, including the text system in 280 Slides. He has a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from USC. After graduating, he worked as an engineer at Apple on the iTunes Store. His team was responsible for music recommendations, charting, and search. Ross is currently working with his colleagues to create tools that will help everyone build rich applications.

Follow Ross on Twitter: @boucher

Wendy Chisholm

Presenting: Universal Access - now for apps as well

Photo of Wendy Chisholm

Wendy Chisholm is an author, activist and developer. She co-wrote “Universal Design for Web Applications” with Matt May (O’Reilly, 2008), and before that co-edited Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 and 2.0–the basis of most web accessibility policies. She has focused on inclusive web design since 1995. Being both a developer (B.S. in Computer Science) and a Human Factors Engineer (M.S. in Industrial Engineering/Human Factors), Wendy bridges communication between developers and designers. As a staff for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for 6 years, she helped synchronize work on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines with developments in internationalization and mobile design.

She is currently a Senior Strategist at Microsoft, where she works to make all web-related applications throughout the company accessible.

Her personal mission is to find elegant solutions that remove barriers that prevent everyone from participating fully in society. “I am an advocate for people with disabilities, people who are injured (especially vets) and people who are aging (i.e., all of us). I want to make inclusion a reality–both online and off”.

Wendy’s photo is courtesy of Matt.

Follow Wendy on Twitter: @wendyabc

Daniels Lee™

Presenting: Designing for the 10 foot UI

Photo of Daniels Lee™

Daniels is a Developer Programs Engineer who’s had the pleasure of working with several developer communities since he joined the team in 2006. After starting with iGoogle gadgets, he worked closely with advertisers and agencies via Gadget Ads, then onto Geo APIs focusing on V2 to V3 migration, and now Google TV. He’s not afraid to publicly confess his love for JavaScript and recognizes its profound ability to make the web more interactive. With a growing love for HTML5 technology, sky’s the limit. On his off time, he enjoys cultivating authentic relationships while always pursuing a greater sense of self and awareness.

Follow Daniels on Twitter: @dannon81

Juliette Melton

Presenting: Mobile User Experience Research

Photo of Juliette Melton

Juliette has ten years of experience building, managing, and researching digital environments and is a human factors researcher based at IDEO in San Francisco. She’s deeply interested in the intersections between digital culture, learning, and communication. Her work has spanned a broad range of industries including social media, casual gaming, education administration, electronic publishing, corporate banking, computer hardware, and public health.

Community education — through workshops, lectures, and writing — is an important part of her work. Remote user experience methods, agile project management, and research program planning are frequent topics.

Juliette holds an MEd from the Technology, Innovation, and Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she focused on developing models for innovative networked learning applications. She also has a BA in Comparative Literature from Haverford College.

Follow Juliette on Twitter: @j

Joe Marini

Presenting: Platforms in Depth

Photo of Joe Marini

Principal Program Manager with 20 years of industry experience developing software, managing third-party partners, leading high-performing teams, driving developer-focused marketing and business development, crafting product strategy, and technology evangelism. Experience delivering both technical and marketing presentations to large audiences.

Senior Author for Lynda.com with seven published titles and more in the works, covering subjects like XML, Mobile Development, jQuery, and HTML5.

Lloyd Hilael

Presenting: The desktop and the browser

Photo of Lloyd Hilael

Lloyd Hilaiel is a hacker type who works at Mozilla.  He’s deeply interested in the web and its evolution.  Lloyd has spent the last seven years of his life trying to responsibly subvert the boundary between untrusted web content and desktop applications.  He currently occupies his time leading the Chromeless project, and contributing to the Apps effort at mozilla. Previously he lead the BrowserPlus project at Yahoo!.

Lloyd spends the remainder of his existence alternately artfully shaving yaks for the public benefit, and searching for peace during these hyperconnected times.

Divya Manian

Presenting: Bring your apps to life with CSS3 magic

Photo of Divya Manian

Divya Manian is a Web Designer in Seattle. She made the jump from developing device drivers for Motorola phones to designing websites and has not looked back since. She takes her duties as an Open Web vigilante seriously which has resulted in collaborative projects such as HTML5 Readiness and HTML5 Boilerplate. Speaker Photo: © Mohini Patel Glanz.

Follow Divya on Twitter: @nimbuin

Lisa Whelan

Presenting: Distribution and monetization Appstores and beyond

Photo of Lisa Whelan

Lisa Whelan is the Managing Consultant at Socialize Mobilize, which provides global strategy, business development, marketing, and developer relations expertise to clients including: Movile, Photobucket, Face.com, Motorola, Palm, Inc., Kodak, ShoZu Inc., Offbeat Guides, Hands-On Mobile, SocialMedia Networks, Chomp, and others. Previously, Lisa worked for PA Consulting Group in London, engaging European clients on strategy, business and technology integration projects and Nokia Inc. in Silicon Valley. Lisa writes about trends in social media and mobile convergence on the SocializeMobilize blog and Twitter. Lisa holds a MSc from the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford and a BA from Boston College.

Aaron Weyenberg

Presenting: Realistic UI Design – the good, the bad and the ugly

Photo of Aaron Weyenberg

A mixed breed designer/developer, Aaron’s career is built upon a unique blend of creative and technical sensibilities. He began twelve years ago leading interactive initiatives for Colorado’s top design agencies, delivering successful projects for a range of clients including HP, Spyder Active Sports and the National Center for Atmospheric Research. In 2004 he joined ESPN New Media where he provided instrumental leadership in an Art Director role. At ESPN he guided best practices, developed core UI components and designed pioneering real time game and scoring applications. Aaron currently serves as Creative Director for Fanzter, a lean and profitable New England based startup. His work has appeared on Smashing Magazine, Six Revisions, Ajax Rain and was awarded at the 27th annual Sports Emmys.

Aaron’s academic background spans three fields of study at three different universities, settling into a B.S. in Scientific and Technical Communication from Michigan Tech. His offline hobbies involve learning about social psychology and human behavior, photography, and a quest to find the perfect iPod earphones.

Follow Aaron on Twitter: @aweyenberg


Presenting: The Unplugged Roundtable

Photo of You

Unplugged doesn’t just feature leading edge experts discussing their ideas, work, and the lessons they’ve learned. Our events are just as much about you. So bring your ideas and experiences to share throughout the event, and in particular come along to The Unplugged Roundtable on Friday morning.

Daniel Davis

Presenting: Widgets in Theory and Practice

Photo of Daniel Davis

Daniel is the Web Evangelist for Opera’s Japan office based in Tokyo. His previous work experience includes project management, IT training, web development, software development and system administration in both Japan and the UK, his home country. After studying Japanese and Chinese at university, he grew more and more interested in the flourishing field of IT and the web, learning as much as he could by playing and experimenting with internet-related technologies. His current work promoting web standards and cross-device web development at Opera fits in perfectly with his ideology of openness and equality across linguistic, social and socio-economic borders.

Follow Daniel on Twitter: @ourmaninjapan

Yehuda Katz


Photo of Yehuda Katz

Yehuda Katz is a member of the SproutCore, Ruby on Rails and jQuery Core Teams; during the daytime, he works as an architect at Strobe.

Yehuda is the co-author of the best-selling jQuery in Action, the upcoming Rails 3 in Action, and is a contributor to Ruby in Practice. He spends most of his time hacking on open source—his main projects, along with others, like Thor, Handlebars and Janus—or traveling the world doing evangelism work. He blogs at http://yehudakatz.com.

Follow Yehuda on Twitter: @wycats

Jason Grigsby

Presenting: Native is Easy. Mobile Web is Freaking Hard!

Photo of Jason Grigsby

Jason Grigsby was one of the project leads on the Obama ’08 iPhone Application and helped design the user interface for the Wall Street Journal’s Blackberry application.

Jason is a co-founder of Cloud Four, a small start-up focused on mobile web development. He founded and organizes Mobile Portland. Jason is currently co-authoring Head First Mobile Web for O’Reilly Publishing. The book will be available this winter.